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SDRsharp (SDR#): installing on Windows 7/Vista

SDR# (‘SDRSharp’) is a popular ‘Software Defined Radio’ software application. SDR Sharp is easy to use, there are lots of extensions available and it’s free! Here I will show you how to install SDR# on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

If you want to learn how to install SDRsharp on Windows 10, check out this more recent post.


  • A PC running Windows (Windows 7/Vista);
  • A compatible SDR-receiver (here I will use the RTL-SDR) and antenna;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, but you will probably already have this on your computer.

It is very important that you do NOT install the drivers that came with your RTL-SDR. If you have already installed them, you should remove them first.

Installing SDRSharp:

  1. Visit to download SDR Sharp. Extract the archive on your PC.
  2. Find your exctracted files and double clicl the file install.bat. Some additional files needed by SDRSharp will be downloaded. After downloading has finished, you can close the DOS window by pressing any key.
    SDR# 'install.bat' starten
    SDR#: running ‘install.bat’

    SDR# bestanden downloaden
    SDR#: downloading files
  3. Attach the RTL-SDR to your computer. Windows will start searching for drivers, wait for it to finish.
  4. In the subdirectory called ‘sdrsharp’ you will now find the file ‘zadig.exe‘. Right-click this file and choose ‘run as administrator‘.
    SDR# map 'sdrsharp' openen
    SDR#: subdirectory ‘sdrsharp’

    Zadig als administrator uitvoeren
    Zadig.exe: run as administrator
  5. When Zadig is running, choose ‘Options’ and make sure ‘List all devices‘ is selected.
  6. Go to ‘Device’ and select ‘Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)’ (or ‘RTL2832UHIDIR’).
  7. Click on the big button labeled ‘Install Driver’. Zadig will now install the driver, this might take a while.

    Zadig RTL-SDR usb-driver installeren
    Zadig: installing the RTL-SDR usb-driver
  8. After Zadig has finished installing the driver you can start SDR# by double clicking the file ´SDRSharp.exe’.

    SDR# SDR Sharp starten
    SDR#: running SDR Sharp
  9. In SDR# go to ´Source´ in the top left corner and choose ´RTL-SDR / USB´.

    SDR# RTL-SDR usb-stick als bron kiezen
    SDR#: RTL-SDR usb as the source
  10. Start the receiver by clicking the arrow, you can now tune in to radio stations.

    SDR# ontvangst starten
    SDR#: starting the receiver
  11. If there are no stations to be found or just some weak ones, you should probably increase the RF Gain.

    SDR# RF Gain instellen
    SDR#: increasing the RF Gain