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PMR radio channels: 8 new frequencies

PMR446 (“Personal Mobile Radio”) is a European standard for licence free wireless communications. Radios (usually “Walkie Talkies”) following this standard are usually very affordable and easy to find. They’re often used by store staff, security guards, traffic controllers etc. Also some baby monitors and toys use the standard.

From the 5th of november 1999, the exempt status of PMR446 is officially in effect in the Netherlands. Because of this, using it doesn’t require a license. Originally there were 8 channels allocated between 446.000-446.100 Mhz with a spacing of 12,5 kHz. The maximum allowed transmitting power is 500 mWatt. This gives you a range of up to 10 kilometers when there’s a line-of-sight. In build up areas the range is usually closer to 500 meters.

Motorola CLP446
Motorola CLP446

Although the use in the European Union is license free, in the United States the frequencies are allocated to radio amateurs by the FCC. So in the U.S. the radios can only be operated by licenced HAMs.

PMR: 8 additional frequencies according to CEPT

Observant members of the Dutch Facebook community “LPD/PMR Nederland” recently discovered that the revised CEPT-rules mention 8 new channels. This gives a total of 16 licence free frequencies.

Current channelsNew channels
channel 01: 446.00625channel 09: 446.10625
channel 02: 446.01875channel 10: 446.11875
channel 03: 446.03125channel 11: 446.13125
channel 04: 446.04375channel 12: 446.14375
channel 05: 446.05625channel 13: 446.15625
channel 06: 446.06875channel 14: 446.16875
channel 07: 446.08125channel 15: 446.18125
channel 08: 446.09375channel 16: 446.19375


The revised CEPT rules (of july 3rd, 2015) also state that 446.1-446.2 MHz may be used for anaologue transmissions: “…that CEPT administrations shall designate the band 446.0-446.2 MHz for the use of analogue PMR 446 with a channel plan based on 12.5 kHz spacing where the lowest carrier frequency is 446.00625 MHz.

See also:…/doc98/official/pdf/ECCDEC1505.PDF


LPD/PMR Nederland

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