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Old LCD reused with T.RD8503.03 controller

Of an old laptop that is broken or obsolete, you can often reuse a number of parts. You can, for example, change the LCD panel into a multifunctional monitor or media player. For this, you use a universal controller. In a previous blog, we looked at the V56 controller, this time we use a T.RD8503.03 universal LCD controller.

T.RD8503.03 universal controller

The controller supports most (but not all) LVDS panels with resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The following components are included in this kit:


  1. The T.RD8503.03 Controller board
  2. IR remote control (batteries are not included)
  3. CCFL inverter
  4. 1-channel 6-bit 30-pin LVDS cable
  5. Connection cable for CCFL inverter
  6. Control panel with 7 buttons, IR sensor, and LED
  7. Extra IR sensor

You also need:

  • A 12-volt power adapter
  • 2 AAA batteries for the remote control;
  • Optional stereo speakers
  • A USB stick for installing the firmware

Old LCD, a panel of a laptop

This time the LCD panel comes from a Packard Bell MGP30 (Minos GP3) laptop. On the back of the panel, we find the model number with which we can find the correct firmware later.

AU Optronics B170PW06 V.2 LCD paneel
AU Optronics B170PW06 V.2 LCD panel

Old LCD, Lookup specifications

Again AU Optronics is the manufacturer of the panel. This time the model is B170PW06 V.2. With this information, we can now look up the specifications of the panel on the website This mainly concerns the resolution and voltage.

AUO B170PW06 V2 Specificaties
AUO B170PW06 V2 Specificaties

According to the specifications, the resolution of the panel is 1440 x 900 pixels and the voltage is 3.3V.

Old LCD, Set voltage and connect cables

With a jumper on the controller, you first of all have to set the correct voltage according to the specifications that you have searched for your LCD panel. There are 3 options: 3.3 volts, 5 volts, and 12 volts. Make sure you choose the correct voltage, otherwise you could damage the controller. Then connect all the cables.

Download and install firmware

  1. Go to the Banggood product page and download the .rar file with the firmware, or use this mirrored file:
  2. Extract the files and look for a folder with the model number and resolution of your screen. If the model number is not on the list, choose “general” with the correct resolution.
  3. Copy the .bin file to the root of the USB stick.
  4. Make sure the controller is off, then plug in the USB stick.
  5. Switch on the controller.
  6. The “power” LED should now flash quickly a few times when the firmware is uploading. When the upload is complete, the LED will blink slowly. You can now remove the USB stick.
  7. The blue screensaver should now appear on the screen.

Correct color rendering

If there is an image but the colors don’t seem to match, then you probably have to adjust the “LVDS map” setting.

LVDS map aanpassen
LVDS map aanpassen

To adjust the “LVDS map” setting, you must use the hidden “Factory Setting” menu:

  1. Turn on the controller, then press “Menu” on the remote control
  2. Go to the “FACTORY SETTING” menu by pressing 1 1 4 7 on the remote control
  3. Select the “PANEL SETTING” menu
  4. Navigate to the “LVDS MAP” setting and press the left or right arrow key until the color reproduction is correct
  5. Press ‘exit’.
"Factory setting"-menu
“Factory setting”-menu

Set display language

  1. Turn on the controller, then press “Menu” on the remote control
  2. Press the right arrow key 4 times to select the gear
  3. Press the down arrow key once to select the first menu option
  4. Select the desired language with the arrow keys left / right
  5. Press ‘enter’ to confirm the choice
T.RD8503.03 menu
T.RD8503.03 menu
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