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Tag: M5StickC

The M5StickC is a module based on the ESP32 microcontroller. It is a user-friendly and open-source IoT development board. Programming the M5StickC is possible with UIFlow, MicroPython, and of course the Arduino IDE. There are countless extensions available that are easy to connect to the Grove or HAT ports. You can of course also develop your own extensions for these connections.

The M5StickC is equipped with an 80 mAh Lipo battery with an associated charging circuit and a TFT color screen. It also has WiFi, bluetooth, LED (red), 2 buttons, 6-axis motion sensor (SH200Q), Real-time clock (BM8563), Microphone, Infrared (IR) LED, and a USB Type-C por for programming, charging and power supply. All of this is in a compact housing, making it an ideal platform for developing portable or “wearable” projects.